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Infinity Media Company is a specialty media supplier located in Countryside, Illinois focusing on incorporating the newest technologies into the marketplace. Our line of media has been finely tuned bringing you 3 products that have revolutionized the industry. Innovative products like GlassApeel which is used on glass & surfaces as smooth as glass, replacing the old cling technology by utilizing a new Micro-Suction Technology. Infinity Media also offers FloorAppeal which is your print, cut & installation solution for floor materials. FloorAppeal has become the champion when competing against other floor materials by eliminating the old outdated 3 step process (print, laminate & cut). With the help of friends and some big dreams, Veilish was born. Soon to be the household solution for windows, Veilish is privacy made printable. It is a 100% Polyester self-adhesive fabric that provides privacy without blocking out outdoor scenery. Infinity Media Company’s impressive product line is easy for everyone to use!

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